People of Seer: Meet Rick Ramos

Meet Rick Ramos

Manager, TSEO | Unseen Denver Creator and Budding Homesteader

How did you get into digital marketing? 

When I was a kid, my mom taught herself programming and became a programmer. 

I wasn't allowed to have a Nintendo or Atari or anything like that, but my mom taught me how to write video games in Basic, a programming language. So I’ve been on computers making things since I was in third grade. 

Then in my early twenties, I learned how to make websites and then started making online portfolios for different tattoo artists. I’d actually trade a website for a tattoo for myself and paid for most of my work I now have that way! 

Making websites was my introduction to the technical aspects of web design and digital marketing. I even made a little website called Unseen Denver, where I just walk around town and take pictures of graffiti. It ended up winning a Best of Denver award and a few others which was pretty cool. 

When I discovered SEO and online marketing, I found out that I liked it and was actually really good at it! I haven’t looked back since. 

You’re on the Data Strategy team at Seer, what is that like?

The Data Strategy team at Seer is amazing. I’m on both the Technical SEO & Data Strategy teams which I love.

The teams are similar because they're kind of small, they're very nimble and very, very creative.

As for the work, it's similar to what I was doing before when I was doing the full suite of SEO work, however there's just so much more to look at and so much more to understand. 

It’s like in the past I was fishing in a little reservoir. And now you're going fishing in the ocean. 

It's a new paradigm. It's a new way of thinking about and looking at things. We are going from using seven different competitors in a Competitive Analysis to using tens of thousands. So it’s been really challenging, but really fun. 

Favorite quote or piece of advice?

"Every few years, you have to change your strategy. To look at how the world is mutating, and mutate. Not in the same way but in parallel."

- Genesis P-Orridge

What is your perfect weekend day? Describe what you would do and who you would be doing it with!

I live in Colorado and really enjoy exploring in the mountains with my dog, & a rock and roll show at some dive bar with my homies. I also have some chickens that are pretty great. 

Who are some of the people in your life who inspire you the most and why?

My mom is my hero. She's overcome crazy adversity and turned hardships into success over and over again.

What is unique about working at Seer compared to previously agencies you have worked at?

I have more work friends here at Seer than I've had at any other job in my entire career, which has almost 15 years now.

And it's really special that 99% of the people that you deal with on a day-to-day basis really want you to level up and they know something that can help you. All you gotta do is hit them up. And they know they can hit me up - so we all help each other.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

Meet people and make friends - make relationships.

It's really, really easy to to fight your way through your career. And I did.

Sometimes you're going to have to butt heads with somebody. But when that happens, make sure that you know what the outcome that you want from that situation and make sure you bounce ideas off of people who can give you help.

Anything else you would want people to know?

There are really, really easy ways to use big data in your day-to-day.

Before I started learning how to use data in this way, it just seemed like too big of a mountain to climb. But once you start, you'll see that there are really low-budget, easy ways use big data to make better, faster decisions. You don't need to have a huge infrastructure and you don't need to be afraid of trying it.

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Rick Ramos
Rick Ramos
Manager, SEO